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Which is the right time to call for a moving company?

It is always better to call for moving companies as early as possible. It is advisable that you must notify the company before 4-6 weeks. Most of the auto moving company needs to alter their pick up and delivery date and so you must consider this factor before you approach them.

Is there any need of a car moving estimate?

Estimate is essential in any type of moving, whether household goods moving or car moving, national moving or international shipping. The auto transport company executive will make a survey of the car and on basis of that, he will prepare a rough estimate of the price. Depending upon the size of the vehicle, the weight and on the condition of the vehicle, the estimate is prepared which help the customers to predicate the price and accordingly he can arrange for the budget.

What is the perfect time to resume auto transport process?

If it is possible don’t allow the moving of your car during the year ends and summers, because at that time the demand for moving companies remains at its peak. So if you conduct the car shipping at that time, there are high chances that you won’t get any discount. However the delivery date is always assured.

If possible move your car according to your suitability. However there are few factors which you can consider-

  • The urgency of your car to the new place
  • Unavailability of a garage

What is a licensed car moving company?

An auto transport company who is registered under the federal law must have a license. When company has a license, it has a certificate of auto shipping which is issued by the authorized body of the state. If the car moving company has a license, it can move interstate but there are certain limitations in the geographical area.

What is tariff?

The tariff in terms of moving companies refers to the list of rules, regulations and services offered by the auto transport companies. Tariffs can be issued by most of the auto shipping companies on demand.

How tariffs affect the car moving cost?

Tariffs figures are reflected in the estimates and unless you get a car moving estimate you cannot determine, the prices involved. The weight of the vehicle and distance that will be traveled, are the two major deciding factors of the cost of the car transport. Additionally, if you increase services like insurance covers and special items like enclosed carriers, then in all probability the auto shipping cost will increase. Generally, the charges like packing, unpacking services, accessories etc. are included in the tariffs as well.

Which is the right time to pay and what is the process for moving companies?

According to the tariffs and in quotes, generally it is mentioned that all the payments should be made in advance that is before delivery of the car to the destination. Different payment options are available like most of the auto shipping companies accept master card, visa, American express and even money orders. However they don’t accept personal checks.

Professional car transports companies can be relied on to deliver your auto safely and quickly to the destination. A car is an expensive asset and you can't afford to hand it over to someone you don't know. It pays to check the credentials and standing of the car transport company, before you hand your auto over.

You can relay on a reputable auto transport company to pick up and deliver your car as per the schedule. If the car transportation company provides satellite tracking, you will be able to monitor the progress of the truck carrying your car via the Internet.

Obtain quotes in writing from a few reputable car transport services. Check to see if the employees of the car transport service are courteous and helpful. Ask for references and call them up to find out about their experiences with the service providers.

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